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Community Supported Agriculture Program

So What is a CSA?
Think of it like buying a share of our farm! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We are small local food producer and that means that we rely on our local community. We believe in taking back control of our most vital resource, FOOD! By supporting local food you are removing the need for massive amounts of fossil fuels that are used to transport and grow food from all around the world which also puts the freshest food possible on our local tables. Also the agricultural industry as a whole as lost their way by implementing all of these harmful practices that only degrade our soil, our economy, and our lives. Agriculture is our most precious resource and we must protect it!

With all of the economical turmoil we need stronger local economies and more secure sources of our most important resource. This is the idea behind CSA programs. So instead of investing your money in big corporations across the world why not buy a share of our farm. We are a responsible, GMO free, synthetic chemical free and sustainable farming operation, oh yeah and the food is epic! Talk about immediate dividends! No stock market share could produce returns as good as we do! So why not support us and by doing so other local farmers. To Learn more about the local food movement in Arkansas visit New South Produce Cooperative who is the leading Farmer Owned cooperative that is strengthening the local food movement in the state! 

Here is the Plan!

Each week we will fill individual shares with produce that is available from the farm that week at the pickup location worth GREATER than $20.00. The produce will be whatever is being harvested that week on the farm, but we will provide several different veggies to make a good variety box (usually around 6 to 7 different vegetables/products). Our veggie selection has come from the local demand and so we bring you what you ask for! As this program runs concurrent with the the Farmers market each week some items will be exclusive to the Farm Share Owners and not available at the farm stand. 

At the beginning of the week we send out an email called a Fresh Sheet, showing what will be in the boxes. You can pickup your box each Saturday during the program from 9am to 11:30am at the Cherokee Village Farmers Market. 

When Does this Start?
The first CSA program for the 2019 season will begin on June 8th and continue through July 27th, 2019. These dates are during the Cherokee Village Farmers Market for a total of 8 weeks. 

What if I Can't Eat What's in the Box?
If there is something on this list that you cannot eat or do not want then you can email us back and we will substitute that item. I would encourage folks that if you are unfamiliar with the products, give them a try. We will try to include a few recipe suggestions in the box as well each week.

Need More Than Whats in the Box?
If you want more produce than what is in the box then you can contact us and order more of the produce that was listed on the weekly Fresh Sheet. As long as you order before Thursday at 9am we can make sure your produce is ready for pickup on Saturday along with your box. The amount owed will be billed at pickup. This additional order will be first come first serve in the event that we sell out of a particular product. The benefit this season is that we will also have our Farmers Market booth at the pickup for your to browse some of our other available items. 

Not In Our Area?
Not a problem! Much of our produce is sent to New South Produce Cooperative where it is redistributed in their CSA program. Don't think this just a big company that we sell to, its not! It is a farmer owned cooperative (and we are one of them) so when you buy from New South you are buying directly from us and several other organic farmers around the state. New South simply allows us to get our products out to the masses where it belongs! If you often vacation or visit Cherokee Village or our area but live in the Memphis, Little Rock, or Fayetville areas then you can still get our produce! Click here to learn more!

What Happens if I Miss the Drop Off Time?
If you miss the drop off time or know you cant make it ahead of time, let us know and we will make other arrangements to get your box to you. Its never to late to contact us to let us know you can't make it and believe me we understand when things don't work out to plan, that's actually the unofficial definition of the word "Farming". If you did not contact us to let us know that you will not be picking up your ordered box then it will be sold to someone else or even better yet donated to a family in need. 

How Do You Pay?
This season we are selling a LIMITED number of shares. When you sign up you are signing up for the entire 8 weeks but you will have to pay for 4 weeks up front in order to reserve your spot on the list. So don't wait to reserve your box! After you pay your first 4 weeks in advance ($80) you will receive a confirmation email and you will be enrolled in the entire 8 week season. You must pay your second 4 week portion on or before June 22nd. 

You may pre-pay for all 8 weeks in advance if you would like and receive $10 off the total ($160 - $10 = $150) and a free re-usable grocery tote bag with our logo! We take cash, check (find our address on the contact us page), debit/credit at the market via card reader. We are working on putting together a webstore page right here on the website so you can pay safely, securely, and conveniently. We will update you as soon as it is live. 

During each program there will be 8 total weeks of produce deliveries. This means for a grand total of $160 you can receive, fresh, organically, grown produce delivered to your community that is worth well over $160 in value!

Sign Me Up!
If you are interested in the Share program, just shoot us an email at stating you want to participate, give us a call at 501-434-0434, or use the contact box below to let us know your interested.

Follow us on Social Media  to see whats going on around the farm! We call it the "Subway" experience, you can see how and where your food is grown from start to finish. Also see other important updates and the occasional discount code for our Farmers Market or CSA program!

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