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2020 CSA Spring/Summer Program

So What is a CSA?

Think of it like buying a share of our farm! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We are small local food producer and that means that we rely on our local community. We believe in taking back control of our most vital resource, FOOD! By supporting local food you are removing the need for massive amounts of fossil fuels that are used to transport and grow food from all around the world which also puts the freshest food possible on our local tables. We live in the South where amazing food is all around us and farming runs deep in our blood and so lets embrace the heritage and culture of our local food. 

With all of the economical turmoil we need stronger local economies and more secure sources of our most important resource. This is the idea behind CSA programs. So instead of investing your money in big corporations across the world why not buy a share of our farm. We are a Certified Naturally Grown, GMO free, synthetic chemical free and sustainable farming operation, oh yeah and the food is epic! Talk about immediate dividends! No stock market share could produce returns as good as we do! So why not support us and by doing so support all the other farmers and vendors that support us. We shop local which means we put back into our economy. Do you?


Here is the Plan!
Each week we will fill individual boxes/tote bags with produce that is available from the farm that week and deliver to one of the pickup locations. The produce will be whatever is being harvested that week on the farm, but we will provide several different veggies to make a good variety box (usually around 6 to 8 different vegetables/products). Our veggie selection has come from the local demand and so we bring you what you ask for! 

At the beginning of the week we send out an email called a Fresh Sheet, showing what will be in the boxes for that weeks pickup, giving you time to meal plan for the week. You will also receive an email prior to the start of the program outlining the potential list of crops that we are growing for the program and what weeks they will be available. This is not a guarantee that these exact products will be in the boxes on those exact weeks but its more of a general guideline for us to shoot for. There will always be a fair share for the amount you paid, the products just may vary from the "plan". We are also working on creating a cookbook of sorts for the products we grow. Many of these recipes are from people who have bought and used our produce and we will make these available to everyone. 

When Does this Start?

The Spring/Summer CSA program for the 2020 season will begin the May 23rd and will end on July 25th for a total of 10 weeks. We will also do an additional week at the end of the program for folks that missed a pickup. 

How Do the Pick Up Sites Work?

This spring/summer we will have one pick up site at the Spring River Innovation Hub on Saturday Morning from 9am to 12pm. These days/times will be the same each week of the program. Since you have paid up front all you have to do is show up and grab your tote bag and exchange your previous weeks tote bag. (Tote bags are provided by us)


Spring River Innovation Hub - The Cherokee Village pickup site will be located at the Innovation Hub next to the post office in the Cherokee Village town square. This site will service those in Cherokee Village, Ash Flat, Hardy, Highland and surrounding area. This will be run concurrent with the Spring River Farmers Market so while your there check out the other vendors selling, honey, handcrafted goods, baked goods, and different types of seasonal fruit/veggies.  


PLEASE sign up for our email list on the homepage so that you will receive all the program updates and weekly fresh sheet. 

What if I Can't Eat What's in the Box?

If there is something on this list that you cannot eat (allergies etc..) or simply could not imagine consuming then you can email us back and we will try to substitute that item. I would encourage folks that if you are unfamiliar with the products, give them a try. We will try to include a few recipe suggestions for the products in the boxes. Most of the time we will receive feedback from clients to let us know that the produce they didn't think they would ever eat has become some of their favorite new foods!

Need More Than Whats in the Box?
If you want more produce than what is in the box then you can check out our Online Farm Store right here on our website. This produce will be packed as ordered and available for you to pick up with your CSA share on Saturday morning. As long as you order before Friday at 12pm we can make sure your produce is ready for pickup that Saturday along with your CSA share. This additional order is first come first serve in the event that we sell out of a particular product.  


What Happens if I Miss the Drop Off?
If you miss the drop off time or know you cant make it ahead of time, let us know and we will make other arrangements to get your share to you. Its never to late to contact us to let us know you can't make it and believe me we understand when things don't work out to plan, that's actually the unofficial definition of the word "Farming". If you did not contact us to let us know that you will not be picking up your ordered box then it will be sold to someone else or even better yet donated to a family in need. 


Additionally we will have a makeup week on the end of the program for folks that missed a week or even a few weeks for various reasons. We will only be able to do one make up week regardless of how many weeks you missed in the program but should help ease the pain of missing out on the produce you purchased. 

How Do You Pay?
This season we are selling a LIMITED number of shares. You may complete your order right here on our website by clicking the CSA Share item on the home page or visiting our Farm Store.


You may also contact us directly by emailing or by calling 501-434-0434 to sign up. We take cash, check (find our address on the contact us page), and debit/credit at the Spring River Farmers Market during the market season via card reader. Please contact us before sending any payments via mail so we can make sure that we are watching for it and we have space available. 

Payment Plans are available by contacting us directly. Most commonly we offer a two installment payment plan of $100 with the second payment due on or before May 23rd.  

During each program there will be 10 total weeks of produce deliveries. This means for a grand total of $200 you can receive, fresh, organically grown produce delivered to your community that is worth well over $200 in value! The value of our last program sold for $160.00 was over $210.00.

Sign Me Up!
If you are interested in the Share program head over to our Farm Store and complete the check out or just shoot us an email at stating you want to participate, give us a call at 501-434-0434, or use the contact box below to let us know your interested.

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