Biewer Farms

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Biewer Farms Proudly Supports His Crowning Glory Ministry!
After spending years in big cities and traveling the United States, we decided to pursue a quieter lifestyle. In our transition we acquired a few goats, rabbits, chickens, and a small garden we begin learning more and more how rewarding it is to be so close to Gods creation. Eventually we landed in the small town of Evening Shade Arkansas. We have been working ever sense to establish our home and commercial farm. We are constantly expanding our livestock, produce, and services. Our passion for our work radiates into the fruits of our labor, yielding happier, healthier, more natural livestock and produce.

Primarily Biewer Farms is a commercial fruit and vegetable producer. Our largest crop being blackberries. We also grow some of the worlds greatest vegetable produce as well! At least we think so...  Don't let that scare you, we are still a small farm that dedicates all of our energies into  growing the best produce we can. We enjoy our work and you will too when you taste it.

We believe in sustainable, responsible, and chemical free production. We follow the National Organic Program Guidelines for Organic Farming and we are a Certified Naturally Grown Farm.

You can find our produce at local farmers markets, retail stores, or give us a call to buy directly from the farm.  We will update our list of products on our website each season so keep in touch.

 Ultimately our goal is to share with you a simple, healthy, quality lifestyle as God intended. God made food to be the building blocks for our bodies and so lets get back to healthy nutritious food and get away from mans attempt to be god. As we work with God's creation it calls us to a closer relationship with our creator. Overall we want to share God's love with you in all that we do!

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