Welcome to Biewer Farms! We are glad you are hear. Biewer Farms is a premier produce grower in North East Arkansas. Located in Evening Shade Arkansas we pride ourselves on our produce. We put our best into our crops and you get the benefits. While primarily a berry producer you can find several of our other fruit and vegetable products at local retail stores, farmers markets, or right here on the farm.

We are constantly working on expanding our future products, so don't be surprised that if each time you return we have some new to offer.  Hmm, what goes well with Blackberries? Honey sounds good or fresh cream.... You just never know what great new product we will invest in!

Please feel free to check out the site or shoot us a question on the contact us page. Don't forget to share us with your friends and family. I promise you don't have to keep us a secret, we will have enough for them and you too.

We are here to serve and we want to share the glorious blessings God has made in creation with you. Along with great produce you will always have the opportunity to ask us about our faith and what makes us different. Thank you so much for you time and interest, we hope to see or hear from you soon! God Bless!